Miami, FL.- It is the first time an event of this level is organized in South Florida to commemorate January 1, 2024. A date to mark 220 years since the Republic of Haiti gained its independence. Under the banner of the Haitian Liberation Celebration Committee, in collaboration with the Little Haïti FC academy, this event brought together a good number of Haitians who came from all over to participate in this day.

It is a moment of tradition where the officials allow all the guests, the football players make them feel at home. Lots of pumpkin soup and, it was a moment to help many people understand the history of the country’s independence. A story not detailed in the school history book. The Haitian Liberation Celebration Committee gave these Haitians the opportunity to know their history, where they came from and arrived in Haiti.

In this sense, it was also a football day to give the event another color. As we know, football is a sporting discipline that unites all Haitians. The committee prepared an interesting program. Several teams played. Here are the results:


Little Haiti FC vs. North Miami FC (1-4)

Little Haiti FC (Open) vs Little Haiti FC (Women) (0-2)


North Miami FC vs South West FC (3-3) t.a.b (4-2)

Island United FC vs 117 FC (1-0) (Naël Elysée)

The committee recognized some Haitian personalities: Laleau Gomez, who is the president and leader of the Little Haiti academy program for many years, Jeff Nicolas, who is the president of Island United and Coach Wilfrid Montillas was also on the podium for the team’s success in the UPSL championship. The team was promoted this year to the first division of the UPSL. Medals were distributed to all team members. It was a full day, a lot of music, poetry that tells the story of the Haitian people. HAYTI BLEUES, which is always there to carry the Haitian flag, was at this event and taught its songs. A day that marks the history of 220 years of a people who continue to fight to strengthen their dignity. Their words were meaningful and their stories revealed many things that do not appear in Haitian history books.

Finally, this committee consisting of Renand Cherry, Ronald Cordon, Emmanuel Elie (Danny), James Jean Louis, Herby Richemond, Reginald Leger, Coach Muller Kennedy agreed to put in a lot of effort to make this day possible. With the great patronage of Footsoccer, a new football brand in South Florida, brought economic support for the realization of this event to commemorate the 220 years of Haitian independence. A 2nd edition has already been announced for January 1, 2025.

Herby Richmond

Sports reporter