ATLANTA Georgia.- Los Angeles’ dream comes to an end in Atlanta after Little Haiti FC lost to South Carolina.

Dan Wheeler #3, in the first period closes the doors of this great adventure so dreamed of by the players and leaders of the academy. Apparently in an advanced position, Heat player Dan Wheeler took advantage of this rebound to place the ball at the far post and it was done to withdraw the ticket for the final round.

In a match where the conditions were not favorable to the grenadiers, Little Haiti FC suffered to express itself correctly in this regional final. Already 3:00 pm for a temperature of 50°F, as for all Floridians, the temperature, the lack of space or even time for recovery, acclimatization all that did not work in favor of Little Haiti FC.

In addition, no time for knowledge of the field, forcing the team to stay at the hotel for a session on the day of the match. Impossible to see the true face of the charming team considered the best in the league.

The formation of the two teams:

Juan Rocco
Michael Smith
Ivan Vlek
Dan Wheeler
Robbie Jenkinson
Henry Kohel
Luis Molina (C)
Mathews Barrozo
Alejo Binaghi
Tre Bonaparte
Ronaldo Fortune

Alan Jerome (C)
Woobens Ceneus
Fedriche Joseph
Sime Ludner
Geffrard Jean-Emmanuel
Rauday Nozile
Silvenson Innocent
Ramado Pierre-Louis
Chadly Jason Petit (Messi)
Kenley Dédé
Naël Élysée

On the other hand, a defeat always leaves a bitter taste, but you have to accept it, that’s football. The whole team promises to get back to work, before the opening of the next season. It’s only gone, a whole series of deadlines in perspective, the U17, U-19, the women’s team.

South Carolina United HEAT joins Santa Cruz, Olympians FC and Rush ACM3 in the final round scheduled for February 3 & 5 in Los Angeles.

Herby Richemond /
Communication Director LHFC