Miami, FL – Little Haiti FC secures an impressive 3rd place in FIFA’s pre-2026 World Cup football tournament, a vital process in refining referees for the upcoming global soectacle. In a thrilling showcase of talent and skill, Little Haiti FC emerged as a force to be reckoned with, clinching second place in Group A with 6 points.

The tournament, comprising of eight elite teams from the United States Premier Soccer League (UPSL), served as a rigorous training ground for referees earmarked for duty at the World Cup Games. Each participating team, including Little Haiti FC, received a $1,000 prize for their pivotal role in this preparation phase.

  1. City Soccer FC
  2. ⁠Plantation FC
  3. ⁠Little Haiti FC
  4. ⁠Miami United FC
  5. ⁠Athletum FC
  6. ⁠Pinecrest SC
  7. ⁠Island United AC
  8. ⁠Hodler FC

The winner of the Cup wins a prize of $8,000.

2nd place: 5,000 USD

3rd place: 3,000 USD

4th place: $1,500 USD.

It should be noted that Little Haiti FC traveled for the fourth day of the tournament to Coral Springs, where the Grenadiers snatched the point of the draw against Parkland FC (0-0) in a mid-level match. Two Players, Fedriche Joseph and Duckenson Jean-François fouled out of the game for accumulating cards. Reduced to nine, Paulin Jean failed to make the goal; and Chadly J. Petit and Schimiliguen Castin could not break the tie at the end of the game.
For the 5th day, the grenadiers will play at home against Hodler FC.

Herby Richemond
Director of Communication, LHFC