Miami, Fl. Already two (2) days of training with Inter Miami, Ramado Pierre-Louis accompanied the U-19 team in a friendly game against St Thomas University at DRV PINK STADIUM, Field training. 1 to 0 for the visitors, yet Ramado Pierre-Louis for his 45 minutes, 14 touches of the ball, 12 successful passes, two shots off target, against a fault that deserved to be sanctioned.

Applauded by the public each time he has the ball, Ramado Pierre-Louis already seems to have caught the eye. Started as a right midfielder, crossed to the left then as a striker. Ramado was more effecient in the left side. And for a few minutes played as striker, Ramado plunges into the ocean since the Interist game is built through defense. No torchbearer in the axis to feed it, Inter Miami lost the game by 1 to 0 against the University of St Thomas.

So, would we see Ramado Pierre-Louis on the colors of Miami Inter FC next season? Already two good tests passed, and with his presence on the ground, the game has changed everything. Ramado will have another test next week with, certainly the 2nd team of Miami Inter (Miami Next Pro) and perhaps, the first team which starts the Major league soccer (MLS) season against Montreal tonight.

Ramado Pierre-Louis, only 18 years old had an amazing first season with Little Haiti FC. In decline last year, head coach Gabriel Michel did not call him for a few games. And for his first participation in the UPSL, Ramado played 14 games, scored 15 goals for eight assists. Ramado, a talented youngster, will mark the history of this football academy. A free program that gives young people the chance to showcase their talent.

Herby Richmond
Communications Director of LHFC.