Rubertini Eugène (Tino) is a football player who currently plays for Little Haiti FC. Eugène is the son of Ruth-Anne Desauguste, originally from Lapointe, Haiti. His experience as a player and coach at the highest levels of youth football academy in America makes him passionate about the game.

Although he has a foot in becoming a coach, he continues his quest to fulfill the dream of playing with the Haitian national team. At 17, after his summer trip to Haiti for U-21 national team camp in 2016, he played at Florida Atlantic University D1 college as a rookie in eight games, totaling 185 minutes and taking nine shots including four on goal.

In 2017, with Sophomore, Tino missed the season due to injury. In 2022, with 37 appearances, Tino had a great season as captain of Little Haiti FC where the team reached the quarter-finals in Atlanta, Georgia against SCU HEAT (0-1).

Rubertin Eugene was called up as a star for the UPSL against Inter Miami’s second-team scouting group. Tino continues to work very hard to achieve his goal. As a central defender, he wanted to see him one day in the colors of the Haitian national team.

Herby Richemond
Sport Director of LHFC Communications.