The UPSL is excited to introduce its inaugural Coach of the Season award. In a season filled with plenty of attacking football and dominant displays from teams across the country, the finalists for the award came down to five head coaches. The UPSL Coach of the Season award is selected based on regular season points, wins, clean sheets and goals scored, as well as disciplinary history and adherence to league minimum standards.

The Fall 2022 UPSL Coach of the Season is SCU Heat (Columbia, SC) Coach Asher Quave-Robinson

Head Coach Quave-Robinson shared his thoughts on winning Coach of the Season and insight into his team’s performances this season.

“There is a lot of pride for me in achieving this award and being able to lead this team in my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. The Coach of the Season award is really a team award. I’m very proud of what we did as a group. My soccer roots are here in South Carolina and I owe a lot to this community. There’s no secret to what we do. We have a good owner, a great club, great staff and players who are proud to represent their community.”

“My job as a head coach is to empower my players and allow them to take responsibility on the field. My goal is to teach my players to be leaders. I love coaching in this league a lot, I work with a lot of motivated, high-level players and this league is a great year-round platform.

The winner of the UPSL Coach of the Season award is chosen based on a league-wide ranking system that ranks all teams based on total regular season points per game, regular season win/loss record, total clean sheets and regular season goal differential, with slight adjustment for strength of conference. Finally, the team’s disciplinary track-record and adherence to the league’s minimum standards over the course of the season are taken into account.

SCU Heat and Head coach Asher Quave-Robinson were one of only three teams in the Premier Division with a perfect all win record. They also compete in one of the UPSL’s toughest conferences, the Mid-Atlantic Premier. The team had the second highest goal-differential in the entire Premier Division with 47. Out of all finalists for the award, SCU Heat have the cleanest disciplinary record and best adherence to league minimum standards this Fall season.

Quave-Robinson expands further on his motivation and what this award means to him.

“My mom and dad sacrificed a lot for me, my dad was my first coach and taught me everything I know. We spent a lot of time together on the soccer field and he did whatever he could for my soccer career. He passed a few years ago and was never able to see me become a head coach. This coach of the year award is dedicated to them and in memory of my father”

SCU Heat are currently in the midst of competing in the UPSL National Playoffs and have booked their ticket to the Round of 16 after winning against Olympiacos DC from Washington DC. They await to play to play Beaman United from the Georgia Premier conference on January 7th.

View our Top 5 UPSL Fall Premier Division Coach of the Season Finalists below

Asher Quave-Robinson – SCU Heat – Mid Atlantic Premier Conference
10 Games, 10 Wins, 0 Draws, 0 Losses – 54 Goals, 7 GA – 47 GD – 4 Clean Sheets

Jerry Tamashiro – LAFC Academy – SoCal North Conference

10 Games, 9 Wins, 1 Draw, 0 Losses – 50 Goals, 9 GA, 41 GD – 4 Clean Sheets

Josue Esqueche – Oyster Bay United FC — Northeast American Conference
12 Games, 10 Wins, 2 Draws, 0 Losses – 59 Goals, 12 GA 47 GD – 2 Clean Sheets

Michel Gabriel – Little Haiti Supreme FC – Florida South Premier Conference
13 Games, 12 Wins, 1 Draws, 0 Losses – 37 Goals, 13 GA, 24 GD – 6 Clean Sheets

Peter Mulamba – Alamo City – Cricket Wir…(SOURCE UPSL)